ICHRA… a Game Changer for Businesses and Employees. The freedom to choose more affordable individual healthcare .

Group insurance plans are expensive and inflexible. Now there’s a better way.

What’s ICHRA?

ICHRA – Individual Coverage Health Reimbursement Arrangement enables businesses of all sizes to offer employees tax-free money, to buy individual health insurance that better fits their unique needs. ICRHA fulfills ACA compliance and can reduce costs significantly


Challenges Facing Employers Today:

  • Health insurance costs are soaring
  • Recruiting and retention challenges are rising
  • Group insurance plans lack flexibility to meet employee needs
  • Open enrollment periods are unproductive and costly

Benefits of ICHRA for Employers



Employers can offer levels of benefit per employee class



ICHRA allows employees to choose a health plan tailored to their specific needs

control health

Controlled Costs & Risk

ICHRA allows employers to take control of the insurance spending, contributions, and risk


ACA Compliance

ICHRA plans can meet both mandates of Minimum Value and Affordability

Tax Efficiency

ICHRA helps employees pay for their individual health insurance premiums tax-free, not impacting their taxable income


With a benefits administrator, ICHRA eliminates businesses working between insurance companies and employees

Ultimate in Simplicity and Ease of Administration

ICHRA allows great latitude in plan design and administration. Employers decide eligibility and funding allowance.  Employees choose a plan then attest to the coverage. Employers allow employees an annual opt out.. Simple

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Employees, have access to apps and dashboards that make it easy for them to file claims, view their plans, manage expenses and available funds, and upload receipts. Technology puts everything needed a click away.

Will ICHRA allow me to do this?


MightyWELL works side by side with businesses of all sizes. Along with helping administer ICHRA plans for our clients, we also provide the most cost effective employee benefits.

Tailored to your unique needs and goals, we’re in the business of helping your business and your employees thrive.

MightyICHRA is innovating and leading the ICHRA solution since they became an option just a few years ago

We started off ahead of the curve, and today we’re continuing to bring forward-thinking solutions to our clients.

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